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Brandano Displays, Inc. is committed to designing and engineering environmental conservation into each project it develops.  Working in an industry which traditionally operated without an environmental commitment, Brandano Displays, Inc. took a leadership role with its Holiday Nights Program in 1990.  Brandano Displays, Inc. developed its Holiday Nights Program to help organizations and communities host major holiday lighting programs.   The commitment to a healthy environment is present in the design, manufacturing and operation of each program produced by Brandano Displays, Inc.  Environmental conservation was engineered into each program and continues to be key criteria for each decision related to the event.

Prior to 1990 and the Holiday Nights Program, holiday lighting attractions consisted of illumination of trees and foliage and the use of disposable decorations and displays.  These decorations were used for three (3) seasons and then destroyed and disposed of.  While developing the Holiday Nights Program, Brandano Displays, Inc. addressed power consumption, disposables and environmental impact from the product manufacturing process. 

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Each Holiday Nights project is designed with the following as key environmental criteria:

1.     Manufacturing Process.  All products produced by Brandano Displays, Inc. are fabricated using processes which minimize the negative impact on the environment.  As an example, Brandano continually updates its painting and welding processes to minimize pollutants and disposable production waste.  All production papers, cardboard, plastics and steel are recycled.

2.     Display Orientation.  Traditionally, holiday light attractions were centered on hundreds of thousands of lights laced in trees and foliage.  Brandano Displays, Inc. has integrated professionally designed displays (metal sculptures outlined with lights) and reduced the use of tree lighting at major events by approximately 75%.  Holiday Nights was designed to minimize the use of lights in trees and shrubs by employing large-scale sculptures which make use of space within the design of the display.

3.     Displays.  Holiday Nights displays are two-dimensional and employ 60% less lights than three-dimensional displays.

4.     Packaging.  Traditionally, companies producing holiday decorations and displays box all products for shipping with elaborate containers and crates.  Brandano Displays, Inc. has eliminated packaging waste from shipping by using complete truckload deliveries.  This eliminates the environmental packaging waste of paper, wood, cardboard and plastics. 

5.     Power Consumption.   Reducing power consumption while maintaining the quality of the display is an ongoing process at Brandano Displays, Inc. Bulb spacing on displays has been changed to use less power per display.  High efficiency lighting has been employed where feasible.  The use of floodlights within Holiday Nights Programs has dramatically reduced the power consumption in illuminated trees.

6.     Extended Life Displays.  Traditionally, holiday decorations are designed and engineered for a life of less than three (3) seasons.  Brandano Displays, Inc. has reduced the disposal of decorations by producing long-life products which, with professional maintenance, have a life of over ten (10) years.  This reduces the disposal of steel, wire and plastic parts and conserves on the consumption of these components in replacement products.

7.     Hours and Days of Operation.  Events are encouraged to reduce hours and days of operation to conserve energy.  Scheduled events have typically closed on nights of low attendance.

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